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Who We Are

Osage County Special Services is a public taxing entity, commonly known as a “Senate Bill 40 Board” that enters into funding contracts with agencies that serve individuals with developmental disabilities in Osage County. This public tax was established in 1992 when voters of Osage County approved to tax themselves up to 10 cents per $100.00 of assessed property valuation to provide community based programs and supports for citizens with developmental disabilities.

A nine member volunteer Board of Directors appointed by the Osage County Commission sets the financial and administrative framework for the agency and hires and directs the Executive Director to conduct the everyday operations of the agency. The Board delegates administrative responsibilities and accountability to the Executive Director, while maintaining constant check of the agency to assure that actions are within the framework of Board established policies and procedures.

In February of 2009, OCSS began providing case management to individuals through an agreement with the Department of Mental Health Division of Developmental Disabilities.

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